Training Classes

These training sessions will focus on increasing your speed on the track and cutting your lap times. We will be breaking the track into sections in order to focus on specific lines and techniques that will help you get faster! These sessions will be 4 to 5 hours and are best suited for Novice level riders and up. Class Size: Limited to 8 riders Rates: $150


  Private lessons are available weekly and will be designed to meet your personal needs. They can be scheduled weeknights at Canyon MX or weekends at the track of your choice. This is an excellent option for people that want one on one instruction. Email to make an appointment.

4 hour lesson for 1 rider $300

  These Training camps are for racers of all skill levels that want to improve their riding technique as well as their racing skills. Learn the training secrets of AMA Supercross winner and 4-time AMA Loretta Lynn‘s National Champion Justin Buckelew. Over the course of the camp we will be going over the proper techniques for jumping, cornering, starts, and whoops. You will also be doing specialty cornering drills, passing drills, speed training, as well as race simulation moto’s. There will also be discussions about race strategy, proper nutrition, hydration, and line selection. Class Size: All camps are limited to 8 riders. Rates: 2-Day Camp $295 3-Day Camp $395 4-Day Camp $475 All 3 and 4 day camps will consist of 5 hours of on track riding instruction, as well as one hour of physical fitness training. At all of the Verde Valley camps we will also be enjoying a couple of hours of recreation each day. (swimming, ping pong, basketball, etc.) These activities will take place at the Thousand Trails RV Resort. We do not provide lodging for the riders during the camp and a parent or guardian needs to be with minors throughout the camps.


This class will cover proper body positioning and techniques for starts, whoops, jumps, and corners. We will also discuss good line selection. This course is best suited for Beginner and novice riders, or anyone wanting to improve their skills on the bike, ride better, and have more fun. Class Size: Limited to 8 riders Rates: $150

Contact Justin at 623 694-0265 or

Riding Techniques- In order to become faster you must first learn better technique. As a member of MotocrossCoach online training, you will learn all the body positions and techniques for Motocross. Sign up today and start learning better technique for rutted corners, Berm turns, flat turns, and more. Learn “the attack position”, techniques for sand whoops, seat bouncing jumps, and learn to control your bike in the air. Become a master of starts with perfect technique and skill.

 Pro Style-  In this section you will find cool pictures of all your favorite pro riders from AMA Supercross and outdoor nationals. Justin will be pointing out the body positions and riding techniques of top pro riders and explaining why they are so effective. Do you ever wonder what makes the pros so good? Get ready to find out!

Fitness Training-  Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. A proper Strength and Endurance training program is essential to reaching your riding and racing goals. In this section you will find tips on how to condition your body for the sport of Motocross.

Practice Like a Pro-  Do you ever go to practice with no goals or purpose and find yourself doing lap after lap with no improvement?  Want to learn how the pros practice? Justin will be sharing his practice routines that led him to win races and championships. Use specific practice techniques and routines that will get you results!

Race Day: In order to win races and championships you have to be mentally tough. Learn how to prepare your mind and body on race day, make fewer mistakes in your motos, and improve your focus.