I joined Motocrosscoach.com about a month ago, and these videos alone has given me the confidence to push harder and to know how to correct things when i am in doubt. This is my first year of racing and all of my questions about how to do this, or how to do that are pretty much summed up in the instructional videos. The fundamentals of motocross are in all of these videos, so even the beginner rider can improve very quickly without any lessons.
If your schedule is busy or you do not have time for lessons, then these videos are a blessing.We will see how the rest of the racing season goes with Motocrosscoach.com. Thank you soo much,

Robert Maneri #36


I just signed up for online training and looking to improve my riding from a vet beginner to novice quickly. I used to ride as a kid and when my boys decided they wanted to ride, i figured i would step up again after a 25 year break from the sport. So far, just watching the provided videos has helped me understand how to improve the basics. Looking forward to new videos and hopefully attending a camp now and then.  Thank you Justin for creating a site that benefits everyone, no matter what age and skill level you might be.


“Thank you, Motocross Coach,  for all of the excellent training you have given Caleb over the last year. Talent and, natural ability are essential to the sport, but without Justin’s training we would never have made it this far. Caleb started racing 14 months ago, and had no prior training or experience when he began training with Justin.  After his first moto win at NMA Grand Nationals, all that Caleb could say was that he was sure glad for all the technical training he had received from Justin. The amount of improvement we’ve seen from the training is unbelievable. Caleb’s championship win couldn’t have happened without this help. We have complete confidence in Justin as a coach and look forward to working with him for a long time. Thank you Justin!”

Tim Schmidt

“Thank for the job that you did preparing Tristan for the Ponca City national race last week; without question your training was key to the success that he was able to enjoy at his first national race. Bringing home a 3rd place in the 450C stock class and a 4th place in the 450C mod class was awesome! Many people are surprised when they hear that Tristan just started racing last year; what they don’t know is how dramatically his skills on a dirt bike have improved in just the 7-months that he has been training with you on a regular basis. Under your instruction I look forward to seeing how Tristan’s riding and racing skills continue to develop over the months to come.”
John Truax

“My teenage son (Intermediate) and myself (Vet Intermediate) have trained with Justin a couple of times. Having been both a teacher and a student in many different contexts, I can say that Justin is among the best teachers at

  1. seeing what you are doing right and doing wrong
  2. describing exactly how to do differently and better
  3. demonstrating on his bike how to do it so you can see the proper technique
  4. having you practice doing it the new and correct way with incremental feedback with each attempt
  5. doing all of this is a fun, friendly, kind, professional and verbally-precise way. 

Justin is the best!”  Kevin – #753