Custom Training Programs

Are you ready to take your Motocross Racing to the next Level? Do you want to be a Pro Supercross and Motocross Racer? MotocrossCoach can give you all the tools you need with our Motocross Training Programs. Learn from the experience of a proven Amateur Champion, Seasoned Pro Racer, and Championship Winning Coach. Our Programs include…………….

Motocross training plan-
Each Month you will receive instruction designed to make you a better, faster, more successful racer. Programs include riding instruction at the track from Justin as well as through online training videos. You will also receive a personalized weekly practice plan from Justin. This will cover your practice routine including Number of Laps, Drills, and focus points for each session.

Fitness Training plan
After Completing a fitness evaluation, a detailed Fitness plan designed to meet your riding and racing goals will be provided. Each week your personalized fitness training workouts will be emailed to you. These workouts will complement your practice routine.
Training Accountability and Support
Communication between Justin and the rider is key to keeping the rider on track with the proper training program. You will have access to Justin by phone or email.

Race Strategy and review
We will determine specific goals for the races you are competing in and Justin will be helping you prepare mentally and physically to meet those goals. Your practice and fitness routines will be designed to meet these race goals throughout the season. Justin will be reviewing each race with you.

Diet & Nutrition
Outline of food intake needed to meet training goals will be provided. You will have a monthly vitamin and supplementation plan.

Mental Edge
Justin will be helping you with your mental toughness, race strategy, and most of all confidence! We will accomplish this through the proper training and positive attitude.
You will be using techniques developed by Dr. Jack Rhodes PHD. Jack is a mental coach that has over 30 years of experience.

Monthly Training Programs start a $300 per month
3 month commitment is required for all Programs
Contact Justin at 623-694-0265 or


Riding Techniques- In order to become faster you must first learn better technique. As a member of MotocrossCoach online training, you will learn all the body positions and techniques for Motocross. Sign up today and start learning better technique for rutted corners, Berm turns, flat turns, and more. Learn “the attack position”, techniques for sand whoops, seat bouncing jumps, and learn to control your bike in the air. Become a master of starts with perfect technique and skill.

 Pro Style-  In this section you will find cool pictures of all your favorite pro riders from AMA Supercross and outdoor nationals. Justin will be pointing out the body positions and riding techniques of top pro riders and explaining why they are so effective. Do you ever wonder what makes the pros so good? Get ready to find out!

Fitness Training-  Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. A proper Strength and Endurance training program is essential to reaching your riding and racing goals. In this section you will find tips on how to condition your body for the sport of Motocross.

Practice Like a Pro-  Do you ever go to practice with no goals or purpose and find yourself doing lap after lap with no improvement?  Want to learn how the pros practice? Justin will be sharing his practice routines that led him to win races and championships. Use specific practice techniques and routines that will get you results!

Race Day: In order to win races and championships you have to be mentally tough. Learn how to prepare your mind and body on race day, make fewer mistakes in your motos, and improve your focus.

 1 Year of unlimited access to our online members section with instructional videos for only $49.95/year!